Airfield Event

A cargo plane makes a low pass over the airfield, dropping off 3 supply drops and 3 hackable crates. NPC’s guard the loot and an attack heli flies in to help them. Destroy the NPC’s, the heli and the heli guards that parachute in when the heli is destroyed, and the loot is yours!

This plugin is not to be confused with the Airfield event where the plane circles the airfield for a while and has a chance of crashing.


This plugin is a mini-event where a bunch of NPCs are riding around in a helicopter and after a set amount of time need to land to refuel. When the helicopter lands the NPCs get out of the helicopter, unload some loot boxes and stick around to protect it whilst it is refuelling. Players can choose to attack the helicopter whilst it has landed to score some loot

– NPC’s ride in the helicopter (max to 6)
– Killing all the NPC’s when the helicopter has landed will initiate a self destruct sequence for the helicopter
– Killing all the NPC’s while the helicopter is flying will cause the helicopter to explode mid-air
– NPCs will return to the helicopter once it has refuelled to leave
– NPCs will stay in range of the helicopter to protect it from incoming threats
– Either give default loot when killing NPCs, or drop any, or all, of their current inventory

– Landing zones (LZ) are automatically generated at monuments depending on which monuments you have on your map, and which you have enabled in the config
– The target LZ can either be randomly selected, or the helicopter can pick the closest LZ when it needs to refuel
– LZ’s will become invalid if it is blocked by another vehicle, in which case the helicopter will choose an alternate LZ
– If players are near the LZ the helicopter will attempt to kill them prior to landing

– When the helicopter is landed it will deploy an amount of loot containers (set in config)
– These loot containers can either be default loot, or you can customize their contents in the config
– Loot containers are packed up when the helicopter is preparing to leave the LZ after refuelling


The cargo ship has been hijacked by pirates and is on a collision course with an iceberg!

The cargo ship spawns out past the map edge and will cruise towards the island, where it will strike one of the icebergs around the map. With a glorious explosion the pirates start to move their loot to the iceberg they have landed at. Players are now faced with the task of killing off these pirates to steal their loot, but also, face the risk of other people trying to steal the loot for themselves!

The cargo ship will sink completely releasing mine-able debris at the bottom of the ocean for an even larger payload! You will find loot boxes floating in the water around the ship and maybe some on the iceberg with the pirates. Be careful of entering the cargo ship, as it becomes impossible to exit the doors and stairs once under water!

Plane Crash

The event spawns a cargo plane that is doomed to crash somewhere on the map. Once it crashes, it will be defended by NPC’s. Kill them, wait for the fire to go out and the loot is yours! This plugin works hand-in-hand with Airfield Drops. Sometimes while on the way to the airfield, the plane will crash instead.

Players can try to shoot the plane down with rockets before it crashes on it’s own.

Airfield Drops

The Airfield Drops event begins with a cargo plane circling the airfield. Eventually it will head down to the airfield, where it will drop supply crates on the runway. Make sure you eliminate the airfield guards before trying to get those supply crates or you could have a bad day.

This event works hand-in-hand with the Airplane Crash event. While heading to the airfield, or while circling it, the cargo plane might crash.

Abandoned Bases

If you do not log into the server for 9 days, your base will be marked as abandoned. When this happens, an announcement is broadcast on the server. Your base is marked and a bubble appears around the base. Players are able to damage your base and kill you. They can loot everything within the bubble. If no one attacks it, the base will decay quickly.

Only 1 person authed on the base needs to log in and they do NOT have to interact with the base. So, if you know you’re going to be gone more than 9 days and don’t want to start over, auth a trustworthy player that will be on more often so your base won’t decay.

Cargo Train

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a workcart loaded with precious cargo starts randomly traversing the rail system! It’s up to the players to defeat the Scientists and take control of the loot before the Cargo Train self-destructs. Randomized loot may include Bradley-, Heli-, Elite and Locked Crates by default. 

Shoot the train driver to stop the train from going any further. One most maps, this will spawn on the surface and underground.

Defendable Bases

The event begins with a message in chat that the evacuation of the general from the island will begin soon. At the end of the configured timer, a military checkpoint randomly appears on the map and it is said in the chat that the general’s guard was killed, and the general himself was seriously wounded

The player and his friends (if you have any) need to arrive at the military checkpoint and call for help for the general with the laptop located at the checkpoint control center

After the player calls for help, waves of zombies will attack the base. During the preparation phase, players can upgrade the base with turrets, purchase ammunition for them, or place it from their inventory through the checkpoint control center. In the doorways, players can install barricades of different types (5 types of barricades, which differ in the amount of Hit Points) to contain the incoming waves of zombies. The player can also use a hammer to repair the barricades. During the attack phase, waves of zombies will be directed at you. You cannot allow zombies to kill the general, otherwise, the event will end. There are several zombie types (in future updates it is planned to add to the list of zombie types). Each type of zombie has its own tasks. After the end of each wave, a room with crates opens, where there will be a reward for you

At the end of the event, a helicopter arrives for the general and picks him up, and you are notified in chat that the event has been successfully completed. When the general dies, the event ends, as will the attack wave, the event, and all hope is lost!